Social Isolation

WhiteNoise in my Ears

I have been recently searching through various articles, books, blogs, and videos to get a general sense of the biggest challenge having a hearing loss entails. From personal experience, the answer is easy: the challenge of social isolation and adapting to the world around us. 

I’d like to paint two pictures for you of what having a hearing loss feels like in experience and in emotion. If you are hard of hearing, you may be able to relate to the visualizations I am about to share. I have molded these details from a compilation of experiences. You will find that attempting to survive a social environment with a hearing impairment is not only isolating, but both exhausting and energizing, as well as confusing and contemplative. 

1. Visualize dining with a large group at a party. 

Walking into the banquet hall and jumping slightly when the door slams behind you. You are engulfed in warm hugs…

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