Take a Moment to Speak for Voices that are often unheard, the children of today…

There is No Pro in Progressive Education

Child Rights and Advocacy

We go along our busy lives and it is not that we mean to not spend time advocating for children but we get caught up the moments of everyday and put the task aside.  Each day that passes becomes another day of silence because even those that know a child’s voice must be heard puts the task aside for later.  Take a moment today to just do one act of advocacy.  Become involved in change making.

The other day I had an email in my inbox that I kept pushing a day ahead.  I finally thought to myself – why am I ignoring this.  When I clicked it open I spent a quick ten minutes advocating for education funds.  I took the NAEYC form letter below and put my own tweaks and spins into it and then sent it off to the politicians (Obama and the…

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