vulnerability teaches me a life lesson…

Nanette Danielle

“you’ll be 33 in three years time whether you do it or not”…my mother’s famous words to me in 2001…

talk about turning your life around…I hear all the time – if only I had finished that when I was younger, if only I had went for it a few years ago, it’s too late now, I’m too old…my advice – “next year will come whether you do it or not”…and you know what, next year is here now and there’s another one around the corner…

had my mother simply let me fade into a life I had settled for, I wouldn’t be the person I am today…my parents are my biggest advocates…they instilled in me a sense of want, a sense of hope and a sense of meaning…I learned late in life that I want to mean something to people, I want to evoke change, I want to be…

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