It’s Like A Birthday Party Every Day

Casey Hinds AF Vet


“It’s like a birthday party every day.”

Reading that quote from a new Kindergarten parent describing the sugar overload at her child’s school took me back seven years to when my oldest started school. I was surprised to see so many practices that undermined student health such as using food as a reward, class parties overloaded with sugar, junk food fundraisers and schools used as ads for soda and fast food.  I navigated these sticky situations by trial and error until connecting with other parents and organizations who were working to create healthier schools.

To help more parents prepare for these kinds of predicaments, I published a series of posts on Dr. Alan Greene’s website with tips, resources and sample scripts.  These include:

We’ll also have a #LTKH (Let’s Talk Kids Health) twitter chat on Monday, August 25th…

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