To screen or not to screen…

Speranza Human Compassion Project

     Domestic violence, also known as intimate partner violence, is serious medical, social, and public health concern (Koziol-McLain, Coates, & Lowenstein, 2001). Women who have experienced physical, psychological or sexual violence can suffer many physical and mental health problems (Taft, et al., 2013). Taking this into consideration, many victims of domestic violence seek medical attention in various healthcare settings. Victims of domestic violence customarily seek medical attention in emergency departments, hospital clinics, medical offices, prenatal clinics, family planning facilities, and other clinical settings (Koziol-McLain, Coates, & Lowenstein, 2001). The argument ensues that victims of domestic violence tend to seek help in these various healthcare settings therefore, healthcare professionals should routinely ask all women if they have experienced violence while in the healthcare facility (Taft, et al., 2013). However, some debate that there is not sufficient evidence proving that domestic violence screening helps prevent future abuse. Without hard evidence, doctors…

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