Epilepsy 101: How Many People Have Epilepsy?

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silence is not the answerHey Everyone! So here we are- I can’t believe it’s Wednesday already! Geez. So anyways, that aside this week’s topic is How Many People Have Epilepsy? Well, here we go! 

According to the World Health Organization (2012), there are 50 million (50 million!!!!!) people living with Epilepsy worldwide. 
80% of the people with Epilepsy are found in developing regions
70% of people living with epilepsy are treated, yet about three fourths of the people living with Epilepsy in developing regions do not receive the care they need

Here are the Statistics for People Living with Epilepsy in the United States:

2.2 Million people live with Epilepsy 
That’s about 7.1 for every 1000 people 

Higher numbers of people report active Epilepsy
That’s about 8.4 for every 1000 people. 

According to epilepsy.ca, the Statistics for people with Epilepsy in Canada are: 

Each year an average of 15,500 people learn they have epilepsy

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