Ice Buckets of Awareness

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The timing was made for a movie. Jason Harris was in the midst of filming a documentary on how social media is empowering patients with ALS to play a larger role in disease advocacy and research, when the Ice Bucket Challenge spread like wildfire through the country’s—and then the world’s—online news feeds. The movement made its home in the ALS community early on, as patients suffering from the fatal neurodegenerative disease began participating and challenging others for their support. In mid-July, it went viral, and many ALS organizations saw a flurry of donations that dwarfed anything they’d ever received. The ALS Association, which has received the vast majority of the donations, collected $106 million between July 29 and September 2, as compared with $3.1 million during that same period last year. It was unprecedented, and it was incredible to see—and film.

I’ve never formally introduced Jason on…

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