A Little Girl Waits

Loving Dangerously

On a cold day in February, 2011, a little girl was born in China. She was born with a complex heart defect and, when her orphanage realized the severity of her case, was sent to a home in Beijing for care. Upon arrival in Beijing the little one was rushed to the hospital and applications for the government’s Tomorrow Plan were filled out. However, just two weeks later the child was discharged.

But she wasn’t discharged because she was better, the hospital sent her home because they said that there was no option, no hope. Her heart defect was much more complex than anyone had anticipated. Her foster home sought answers, and ended up at another hospital in the city. The cardiologists diagnosed her with a large VSD and severe pulmonary hypertension. They said that surgery would be high-risk, and because the little one had a bad case of pneumonia…

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