Don’t Call It a Miracle

Working 2 Walk 2014: SEATTLE

So, taking a quick break here while the first breakouts happen. Sorry if you were dying for a report from one of them. While I’m down, I’ll share the text that I planned to say to the room when Marilyn and Peter Wilderotter introduced the new book.

Miracle Cover (1)

So, here’s what happened. Last year at the end of working 2 walk in Boston, Jennifer Longdon and I were hanging out in the hotel bar.

What a shock, I know!

And we were noodling about what else could be done . . . we’re both writers by trade, and so of course we started thinking BOOK! (If you’re a hammer, everything looks like a nail. If you’re me or Jen, everything looks like a book idea. 🙂 )

Seriously. There’s no book that gathers up all the stuff an advocate ought to be fluent in. There are a zillion websites, and a…

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