Tip for 10/16. Disabled should not equal vulnerable



What if I told you there is a group of people that between 35 and 86% will experience some level of abuse in their lifetime?   What if I added that, oftentimes,  they are not even talked to about what was happening?  Then add to that the fact that this group is often so fearful of the alternatives that they will not talk about the abuse even when it is recognized?

Who are these individuals?    Women with disabilities,   especially women with lifelong disabilities or those with a diagnosis of a cognitive-behavioral disorder.

These individuals are seen in society as being dependent,  weaker and with out many choices of options.   Unfortunately,  at times, that is true but it does not have to be.

Shelters, counseling services,  courtrooms and other legal services need to be ADA compliant.   Interpretation is available as are other community providers when collaborative arrangements are in place. 

If we…

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