a life without goals, is a life without hope…

Nanette Danielle

do you have goals…

I did a goal setting exercise today that opened my eyes…I work with a vulnerable population and I truly believe that we as humans all have goals in this life…I remember arguing one day with a pretty influential person as I was stood behind a podium… “goals”, he said, “well you have pretty big expectations”…he went on to say “what about the people that have no goals, you’re not going to work with them?”…

I paused, rage building inside me and I paused again…i opened my mouth, parked my rage and simply asked “you don’t think everyone has goals, that’s kinda sad”…I paused again, parallel parked my rage and said “in the world of recovery, we believe everyone has goals”…another influential person in the room spoke up and I thought phew, finally someone to the rescue and I heard, I kid you not “I’m curious as…

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