Emotional Abuse: Crushing A Woman’s Heart

Random Dose of Reality

rise above

The moment I read this article I knew I needed to share it. I know that oftentimes emotional abuse has longer lasting affects, creates deeper wounds that eventually become scars and can be potentially more difficult to heal from than many forms of physical abuse. I know this….because I am also a survivor.  A woman who is on the road to recovery……and in dire need of healing from ALL forms of abuse herself.

Thank you Bernice, from the bottom of my heart, for reaching out to battered women everywhere with your beautiful spirit, your vast wisdom and your brilliant insight…….
Crushing a Woman’s Heart….

Is there anyone out there who truly wants to know a woman’s heart? Oh, how deep it goes and how beautiful it is when discovered!

She waits for someone to come like Prince Charming in the story of Cinderella who saw the perfect jewel of who…

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