Food Justice on Food Day 2014

Casey Hinds AF Vet

rmcokelight Drawing by Natalie Hinds, Age 10 (Based on idea by Colin Purrington)

“Food Justice is communities exercising their right to grow, sell, and eat healthy food.”  ~ Just Food

Today is Food Day and this year there is a focus on food justice.  It has special significance because voters in Berkeley and San Francisco are deciding whether to approve a measure to tax sugary beverages like soda.  Some of the authors of these measures have made the connection between the soda tax and food justice.  Tom Ammiano, John Avalos, and Eric Mar wrote:

Most folks know soda is bad for you, but not how bad. Many are also unaware that Big Soda is specifically targeting communities of color and children. Our task is to spread the word about the health disparities this creates.

These health disparities are getting even worse as Dan Taber recently pointed out:

Four studies in four weeks suggested that nutrition-related health inequities…

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