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83 - Version 2Our friends at 99 Balloons have developed a unique ministry that provides ways for others to engage children with special needs locally and globally.

Their “rEcess” ministry is a monthly respite program provided for children with special-needs. These events are typically hosted by churches longing to serve families within their own community. 99 Balloons has now launched “rEcess” in churches in eight different states and Canada.

99 Balloons also casts a larger global vision to personally engage individuals with disability around the world. They recently co-sponsored Engage Disability India, a nationwide conference to strengthen the Christian response to disability in India. They have sponsored mission trips to Haiti, but the ministry seems to have a special call to ministry in Uganda.

99 Balloons has forged a partnership with Ekisa Ministries around a “rEcess Uganda” global project. Ekisa offers a community care program to help support and encourage families affected by disability in…

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