Looking Below the Surface

Author: Karen Copeland

In August 2014, I had the opportunity to co-present the closing keynote at the Promoting Mental Health in Schools Summer Institute alongside Keli Anderson from the Institute of Families. For my part of the presentation, I read aloud a letter I had received from a parent. This letter had tremendous impact on those in the audience, and the parent has given me permission to share it with you here. 

From: Anonymous Parent

We heardadvice from everyone who was willing to offer it. “He needs more discipline” “he needs a good spanking” “you should never spank your child”, “ he needs more sleep” “he needs less sleep”, “more stimulation” “Less stimulation” and “Just stick with it. You have to win.” So we did.

We were told by people close to us that he is just spoiled and being bratty, so then we would take all of…

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  1. thank you for sharing my post!

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