Statistics: From Stagnancy to Success?

ABC - Advocates For Breast Cancer: South Africa

The current situation of our Breast Cancer Statistics for South Africa is that the statistics are not reflecting the truth of breast cancer in our country.

The National Cancer Registry (NCR) reflected the following: a 1-in-35 lifetime risk for South African women to develop Breast Cancer in 2007 (i.e. the last available statistics.)

  • Gender Differences: A total number of 5719 women were diagnosed, as opposed to a total of 129 men.
  • Race Ratios: Asian and White women have a higher life-time risk of 1:17 — followed by Coloured women with a life-tine risk of 1:21 — and 1:58 for Black women.
  • Age: The risk remains the highest for the age group of 40 years+.

Our urgent question is: Are these figures painting the TRUE picture of breast cancer in South Africa if we take the following into consideration?

In 1997 a total number of 4789 cased of breast cancer in females was…

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