Talks and Tears

Autism Blog: Benjamin Breaking Barriers

Trees are glowing russet, red, gold, and orange, skies have been radiant blue, and it is warm as mellow summer… I just presented at the Denver Marriot for the Colorado Association for Gifted and Talented (CAGT) conference; I was invited back from last year and, as always, I loved sharing my story, jokes, and poi swings routine. This year, the conference theme was “The Many Faces of Gifted,” and my talk was titled, Autistic and Gifted: Finding the Silver Lining. That has been a key to my mom’s work with me over the years—always looking for ways to transform the troubles into something positive…finding the silver lining in the stormy clouds.

I like this newish term, as it applies to me: “Twice Exceptional” or “2E” for short. People say that one of my main gifts is to inspire people and make them laugh, and I’ll be taking my message…

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