What the public thinks about lawyers?


This post is long overdue but it’s here and well I am procrastinating! lol

In Law School, there is a course that I have to do called Trial Advocacy; where I have to overcome my shyness and be brave and well observe courtroom etiquette. My first exercise was a public speech in front of my 11 classmates and my tutor. Even though, it was only 12 people, I was still extremely shy because I am not accustomed talking in front people. The topic I chose was “What the public thinks about lawyers?” – a simple topic but yet still a challenge to me because of my timidness. Nonetheless, on the day I got over my fear and actually did my speech with few mistakes and was congratulated on a job well done. So I thought that I should share it here seeing that I rarely post.

What the public thinks about…

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