World Diabetes Day, in 140 characters


WDDtweets7BantingHouse Banting House, lit up in blue for World Diabetes Day!

It’s 11:00PM Pacific Time on World Diabetes Day, and the diabetes community (including Carb DM) spent all day celebrating and raising awareness for the disease.  Thanks to the internet and social media, even those who were not able to participate in a local event were able to follow the celebrations online. Carb DM was on social media all day, following dozens, hundreds, thousands of tweets. Below is a recap of what went on online, along with some of our favorite tweets of the day:

Hundreds of diabetes events were held around the world, including conferences, fitness events, educational fairs, and more.  Many of these events had taken months to plan, but perhaps none so long as Sebastien Sasseville’s.  Sebastien, a type 1 diabetic and extreme athlete, completed a solo run across Canada to raise awareness for diabetes. His 7500 km (the equivalent of 180…

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