A Call to Action: Timothy Shriver’s ‘Fully Alive’

a typical son

Last month, Timothy Shriver’s memoir Fully Alive, Discovering What Matters was released. Shriver is the executive director of Special Olympics, an international organization in 170 countries that was started by his mother Eunice Kennedy Shriver in 1968.

Mr. Shriver has had the likes of Deepak Chopra, Martha Beck and Annie Lamott positively rave about the book. He was a featured guest on Oprah’s Soul Sunday along with countless other television and print media interviews. He is everywhere right now. With all that coverage he doesn’t actually need Thorin’s mother to put in her two cents but I am going to anyway because I think this is an important book.

At the heart of the book is Shriver’s spiritual search for a meaningful and purposeful life which he finds through the lives of people we have deemed the most meaningless—those individuals with intellectual disabilities.

The soul of the book is Rosemary…

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