Calling all Organic Gardeners! Ready to launch!

Mike's Green Garden

Recorded the first three episodes of the organic gardener podcast and have 3 more interviews scheduled this week!

As soon as I have 10 episodes in the bank I’m launching.

So exciting!

Podcasting is turning into so much more fun then I expected!! My guests have shared great tips, resources, and recipes already I feel like I have learned a ton of valuable information that’s going to help me grow a better garden next year!

Lots of great inspiration and yummy sounding recipes being shared as well.

My only problem so far is the interviews are coming out much shorter then I thought they would so I either have to come up with more questions or insert some more content or something. I do want to add a funny gardening joke at the beginning to lighten the mood and I’ve got to get my introduction done etc.

Feeling so much…

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