Give me the right friggin’ keyboard! And five other tips to make your mobile site user friendly.

Stephen Chukumba


If you’ve ever signed up for or ordered anything on your mobile device, then invariably you’ve experience the unmitigated frustration of that activity.

Sure, mobile devices are great and put the utility of instant communication, Internet access, e-commerce, gaming, etc. all at your fingertips.

And yes, the convenience vastly outweighs any pain points you may experience using your mobile phone.

But that doesn’t negate the pain points.

And while we may suffer for the privilege of owning one of these remarkable devices, we don’t have to do so silently.

If we don’t raise our voices in protest, the minor inconveniences we suffer may well go unaddressed.

And I’m not having that!

So on to vociferous complaining I go.


One thing I absolutely hate, hate, hate, hate, hate is when I’m filling out a form on my device and tab to a field that’s asking for a number, say my…

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