Plants Talk and Communicate!

The Gardeners Coach

inter tree1

As we settle intowinter, I am enjoying reading gardening books , browsing new catalogues  and watching documentaries on plant and nature related topics. I have to share an exciting documentary I watched this week:  “What Plants Talk About”  is available on You Tube or thru Netflix. A wonderful study on experiments done relating to plant behavior and the way they act both above and under the soil. Turns out, plants move and behavejust like animals do!  They are always on the hunt for food, nutrients and even other plants! Botanists have been aware of plants Allelopathy, the capacity of certain plants to release chemicals to inhibit the growth of other plants and capture the soil resources and   establish large colonies. Since they can’t change location or move, they have adapted a system of chemical communication to send out stress signals and to conduct chemical warfare.  Plants are a…

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