You Are Not Your Illness

Life As I Know It

I was thinking today about the times I was diagnose with several mental illnesses. First it was just depression and anxiety, then Bipolar II disorder, then the doozy of them all that ended up with my plummeting into my eating disorder: borderline personality disorder.

Out of all the diagnoses Bipolar II and BPD were not ones I wanted to have. I mean no insult to those of you who read my blog on the regular who have these disorders, it is nothing personal or an attack on anyone living with the two disorders.

I remember walking out of my therapists office the day I was diagnosed borderline with my head spinning in a million different directions.

What was borderline?
What was I on the border of?
Does this mean I’m crazy?
Will I end up back in a psychiatric hospital?

In my offense, not that I have to defend how…

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