What Causes Muscle Twitching?

Vegan Bikini Doc

Although muscle twitches are very common, they are not very well understood. Nearly everyone has experienced them. Muscle twitches occur spontaneously in well over 90 percent of people at one time or another. And, they can be quite annoying!

What causes Muscle Twitching?

Muscle twitches are small involuntary movements involving small areas of muscle or muscle fibers. These twitches often go unnoticed, and when you do feel them, they tend to feel worse and more noticeable than they actually are. The most common type of muscle twitches are “fasciculations.” Fasciculations can occur in any muscle in the body, but they tend to occur most noticeably in the arms, legs and the eyelids.

Muscle twitches are usually harmless and are more of an irritation than a cause for concern. In most cases they disappear shortly after they appear or when the underlying cause is identified. In some rare cases, however, muscle…

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