World Braille Day

All About Autism

Did you know that January 4th was World Braille Day? As I researched Braille Day, I learned some new, interesting facts.

  • Braille is not actually a language, but a code used by blind people
  • A blind Frenchman, Louis Braille, in 1821 devised this code to provide access to literacy, intellectual freedom, equal opportunity, and personal security
  • Braille is the official communications code world-wide

Today, Braille is incorporated into many aspects of public life. braileBuildings with elevators have buttons with Braille markings, and Braille announcements and instructions are posted on walls so that people with vision impairments traveling on their own can navigate through the area. Even ATM machines now include Braille markings.

Technological devices have also been adapted to facilitate Braille users. Computers now incorporate the use of Braille through specialized displays, keyboards, and portable displays that connect to mobile phones. Alternatively, “Stand-Alone Braille Devices” are portable hardware…

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One response to “World Braille Day

  1. Good of you to reblog this here last month. Braille is not known by many who can’t see, mostly who lose sight later in life, but with technology and speech software a lot of newer generations might not learn. I honestly love my braille and was glad to see this post.

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