INAP Award Nominee, 2015

Face Value Comics - Autism Advocacy Through Comic Awareness

With equal parts humility and giddiness, I accept a nomination for the International Naturally Autistic Person Awards.

From the text of the letter, by Charlie Collura (Co-Founder, ANCA World Autism Festival):

INAPAwardNominationLetterDavidKot2015  <— Link to the .pdf file letter (Text from Letter, below…)

INAP Awards Nominee David Kot

Dear David

This letter confirms your nomination for the 2015 International Naturally Autistic People Awards.

The INAP Awards celebrate the talents and abilities of autistic people and the great work done by individuals and organizations supporting our autistic community.

Thank you for sharing your passions and interests and we encourage you to continue to pursue your goals and dreams. As a representative for your country, you demonstrate the great diversity and abilities of autistic people across the world.

We look forward to meeting you in Vancouver BC Canada for our 6th annual ANCA World Autism Festival October 1­-6.”

What are the…

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