Laverne Cox shares her life story, advocates for equality

Natalie Wickman, reporter

(By Natalie Wickman, published April 17, 2015 for the Marquette Wire)

(Watch a clip of Cox’s speech.)

Photo by Matt Serafin ( Photo by Matt Serafin (

The Varsity Theatre was packed Thursday with students hearing from Laverne Cox, an Emmy-nominated actress and activist.

“I stand before you this evening a proud, African-American transgender woman,” Cox said to a loud round of applause. “From a working-class background, raised by a single mother, I stand before you an actress, a sister and a daughter. I think it’s important to name the various intersecting components of my multiple identities because I am not just one thing. And neither are you.”

Cox gave her talk, titled “Ain’t I A Woman: My Journey to Womanhood,” as a part of Marquette Student Government’s Speaker Series. She is best-known for playing Sophia Burset on Orange is the New Black. The same day she visited Marquette, Cox was named one of TIME Magazine’s…

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