Send me a Postcard, Nurses. I’ll Pass it Along

Psych Circus

GC Myers Majesty  sm GC Myers Majesty sm

Nurses of the world:

Tell me about the abuses at work you’re too afraid to report, for reasonable fear of retaliation.

Tell me all the ugly details: identities, institutions, abuses, crimes….

I’ll not report your identity. I give you my word on that. If you don’t trust me, and given the way of the world today you’re wise not to trust me, frankly: leave out your name. I’d rather not know, if you wish privacy. No one can force me to give away secrets I don’t know, right? I like that.

Tell me all about it, all the ugliness and evil you know you must tell to the public for its own protection.

I’ll tell it FOR YOU, and burn the postcard. I trust you.

Send me you postcards – it’s cheap and easy! – to:

Greg Mercer, MSN

601 Summer Street

Arlington, MA 02474

I’ll tell the world.

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