Walking Pneumonia & The Vaporium

Steam Cloud

color vaporium


Sorry I’ve been away for a bit – I’m recovering from Walking Pneumonia.  Didn’t vape for 8 days!! OMG the horror!! And so many things went wrong during the course of this experience I can not begin to tell you – not the least of which was my 5 year old computer died (and I lost 11 pounds in 13 days- which was GOOD) So I was dealing with people using email on my smart phone.

And also right before I got sick I bought a new car – so yeah – you have missed a lot!

Anyways – back to the present. One of the things that was going on while I’ve been away is that a NEW Social Site for Vapers has been founded by a dear friend of mine and I got to become one of its founding members – Vaporium.  http://vaporium.onsocialengine.com/

The site will open…

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