An exciting new movement

The Average Joe Electric Vehicle Driver

Earlier this week I came across a facebook group called “Bring electric vehicle charging back to Costco!“.  It’s an exciting movement that I’m really getting into.

Back in the 90s when electric vehicles were seemingly gaining traction for mass consumer acceptance and Costco saw the future and jumped on the bandwagon.  Except mostly in their California locations.  Back then ev’s where arguably in their infancy.  Electric vehicles have been around for a lot longer than you think.  More than a hundred years in fact.

AN old 1910 ad for the Waverley Coupe An old 1910 ad for the Waverley Coupe

For me the electric car infancy period was about a lack of fast chargers, lack of public education about it, a lack of widely accepted car chargers, and commercial chargers.  But somehow sometime down the road Costco drank the special interest (by big oil, politics, and auto makers.  I know you’re thinking that’s crazy conspiracy theory…

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