DVP Interview: Meriah Nichols and Alice Wong

Disability Visibility Project

Below are some excerpts of an interview with Meriah Nichols and Alice Wong for the Disability Visibility Project. Their interview was recorded at StoryCorps San Francisco on November 1, 2014. These excerpts have been edited for space.

Becoming disabled at an early age

Meriah: Well, I’m originally from the Bay area, fifth or sixth generation something, you know, and my parents moved to Cloverdale to have a sheep ranch and to start this different way of living really to escape the Bay Area. And, when we were in Cloverdale, in the sheep ranch, we got into a really, really bad car accident. I went through the windshield of a car when I was four, out there. And that’s what gave me the brain injury, auditory processing disorder all of that. And my deafness was very gradual. And so, of course, it started off with a, with a slight hearing loss…

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