The low down on snacking

Deadite Den

With so many opinions and information out there, when trying to look after your health, improve your metabolism and control your weight it can be really difficult to differentiate the facts from the fiction. Snacking is one of those areas that can be really difficult to navigate. Do you cut out snacking all together? Do you eat 3 main meals and snack in between? Do you have 5 small meals? What constitutes a healthy snack? While different methods suit different people here are some facts that may make the whole situation a little easier to understand.

The good:

Snacking on small amounts of food regularly throughout the day can:

  • Optimise energy levels and manage hunger by providing regular fuel to the body and mind
  • Maintain more even blood sugar levels

The bad:

  • Food grabbed on the go from corner stores, service stations and vending machines is often less healthy
  • Large snacks…

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