Hypertension – The Silent Killer

Kaushik Ghosh

The rapid industrialization that the world has seen in the last two centuries has witnessed the introduction of plethora of goodies such as lifestyle improvements, wealth creation, and leisure activities. Compared to our ancestors from the middle ages, we earn more, live better, have more leisure time in our hands, and consequentially, lead more sedentary lifestyles. Additionally, The green revolution of the 1960s transformed food availability globally, and has made the higher calorific value food more accessible and affordable to a significant chunk of the global population.

However, not all effects of the Industrial age, nor that of the green revolution have been positive. Little did stalwarts like Norman Borlaug know, that the amazing strides they made to bring millions out of misery will ultimately lead to declining health standards and the introduction of a new class of diseases – effectuated due to improved lifestyles.

Lifestyle Diseases are described as ailments whose which are seen more frequently in societies with increasing…

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