LEADucation: Hidden but Present

The #PushBACK Project

When you hear the word poison, what do you think of?

Do you think of a angry green face like this one?

Mr. Yuk

Or maybe you think of a more classic, poison-in-the-bottle scenario, like this one:


Do you think of poison soaking into the soil around your home or embedded into your street or driveway, where you and/or other young children play? Do you think of running in it, rolling toys in it, playing basketball, or having picnics in it?…the list goes on and on. Of course not! Who would ever in their right mind think that is ok?

It happens every. single. day.

Lead has seeped into the very souls of many cities around the US. 

Here are just a few things lead can do to someone’s life if exposure happens between the ages of 0-6:

  • initial exposure to lead can lower your IQ causing intellectual or other learning disabilities

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