The Need for a Trauma Sensitive Workplace

Mad Child, Angry Mama

I am intense. I am sometimes off-putting. I am emotional and often raw. I am a mess. I am complicated. I am confusing. I am sometimes confused. I am quirky. I am different. I am blunt. I am sensitive. I am authentic and sometimes that is uncomfortable….for others and for me. I am vulnerable and yet can be bitchy in the same moment. I’m observant. I notice. I see the way the round pegs look at my squareness.

I am a lot of things….including a survivor of my own trauma. It’s one of the reasons that I feel so strongly about trying to help others.

I have learned a lot over the years about being trauma informed and trauma sensitive, through my work and through my own experiences with raising children that came from the Foster system. I have learned about how to look past difficult behaviors and see what…

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