We Are Killing Our Oceans.

El Subversivo

What will we do when we destroy our oceans?  Will we let the 2.6 billion people who depend on it for their primary source of protein starve?  Will the over 200 million people who depend on marine fisheries for employment go jobless?  (UN) Will we go snorkeling through forests of lifeless, bleached coral?  Will we walk on oil stained beaches?  These are the questions, to which we will be confronted if we continue to irresponsibly disregard the ocean’s health.  It is time we grasp the devastating impacts humans are having on the oceans, and the consequences we will face.   Overfishing, pollution, and climate change are all changing the ocean in catastrophic ways.  The following is a brief overview of our assault.

The figure below, from 2012, shows the the percentage of the global fish stock that is either undeveloped, exploited, or collapsed.  Over 90% of the global fish stock is…

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