Little things make a world of difference

Older People Living with Cancer

This week, as you may know, is national Carers Week.

I’ve been working in the voluntary sector for a long time now and Carers Week comes round like clockwork amongst the other special awareness raising weeks we see. But this year Carers Week  for me is different because for the first time I identify myself as a carer. It’s especially significant for me because caring is currently my main role and everything else is taking a back seat.

The sudden dislocation from normality, from what was once my real life, has been quite a difficult thing to come to terms with. Whilst none of us like to think of ourselves as labelers we all do it, especially to ourselves. You know the kind of labels I mean: wife, mother, daughter, sister, hard worker, dog-lover, hen-keeper, keep-fit lover, wildlife enthusiast, keen gardener, etc, etc… The difference now is that because everything apart for…

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