World Sickle Cell Day

TaBHealth Initiative


Tomorrow June 19, is World Sickle Cell Day. I raise my voice to support this amazing group of the world citizens. They bear their pains with dignity and resilience. They need our support and understanding. They are not to be discriminated against.

According to the Sickle Cell Support Society of Nigeria, the theme of this year’s celebration is “Control of Sickle Cell Disease in Nigeria at Primary Care Level’ with sub theme

“Collaboration for the Control of Sickle Cell Disease in West Africa”

The goal is to explore ways of expanding sickle cell care into primary health care settings where majority of Nigerians live by leveraging on and using existing infrastructure and programs that have worked at that level.

Recently, I saw a movie titled ‘DazzlingMirage‘ which opened my eyes to the pains of people living with Sickle Cell. The Sickle Cell Foundation of Nigeria had…

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