4 Productive & Simple Habits to Incorporate Into Your Lifestyle Before Summer Ends


It’s exactly halfway through Summer today and whether you’re in the work world or a student, I pose the question: “What have you done to make your Summer season productive?”


If the answer is nothing, not to worry, you still have half the hot season left! And if the answer is still, “I just want to binge watch Netflix until the Fall” that’s fine too, to each their own.

HOWEVER, if you feel up to the challenge to elevate your life from a plateau, I test you to implement the FOUR habits that I began my Summer with and I must say, for the past season, I’ve never felt more in control of my life and goals as I do now after incorporating these simple yet efficient changes. Maybe you already do them!

There is only one rule and that is you have to be CONSISTENT. As Rev Run said…

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