Filling The Emotional Void – With Food


Boredom, depression, frustration, hate, love, resignation – ooooh I like that one. I am resigned to eat. It’s been an emotional roller coaster this summer and when the emotions are in motion – and they have been – I don’t cope well. Thank goodness for fruit, vegetables and eggs. As I move from one feeling to another I can fill the emptiness with cherries. The potato chips are gone but the blueberries aren’t.

But when the “good” emotions run the gamut it’s the same with me. Happy, cheerful, excited, hopeful – chocolate, crackers and cheese, and once again I’m glad the fridge is full of cheese, fruit and great, homegrown, sweet cucumbers that taste amazing with hummus.

Grape funI am an emotional (and emotional void) eater. I’m actually just an eater. So, as I float in and out of every emotion (except hate – I don’t have anything to hate –…

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