Grounded in Acceptance



Yoga and meditation are designed to focus the mind and keep it focused when distraction happens.  The very nature of being alive involves change and the unknown.  We may have habits and patterns, but we have no way to predict what is just around the next bend.  Our futures collide with destiny and fortune to become our realities.  Much unnecessary stress is created by attempting to control too much.  We can educate and improve our minds, train and feed our bodies with the best nutrition, and stay within strict guidelines for safety and still meet with disaster.  It may also be true that through no real effort of our own we may be lucky, blessed, and well loved.  If we ascribe good and bad labels to each of our experiences we may find that what seemed the best at the time was a prelude to downfall, and vice versa.  We…

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One response to “Grounded in Acceptance

  1. Thanks very much for sharing this, Liz.

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