I Can See Clearly Now The Grain Is Gone

Everyday Adventure

food-healthy-summer-sunMatt and I are on day 16 of the Whole 30 Program. If you’re not familiar with it, you can read about it here. We normally follow a gluten-free Paleo diet; eating well is a major component to keeping my health balanced. We aren’t diet extremists though, so we partake in “cheat days,” which typically include red wine, GF pizza, occasional frequent ice cream runs, and copious amounts of chips and salsa. Whole 30 is similar to what we already do, just stricter with no cheating for 30 days. You know how it is: you go on vacation, you treat yourself for a week, and the habit continues when you get home. The vacation eating never really ends. Whole 30 is our jump start campaign to healthy eating and wellness again.

Eliminating the comfort of food from my life has made me realize that it is the culprit of many of my indulgences to avoid, numb, and distract. Stressed—grab a latte. Tired—find some chocolate. Bored—shovel popcorn into my…

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