The unknown, scientific facts on ice baths and cold water immersion!

Is it healthful?

Sunday morning.  The breeze fills your nostrils with the scent of succulent, salty air.  Despite the cold, your eyes are drawn to the beach. Specifically, to a solitary figure wading the shallows in football shorts.  You think, why would anyone subject themselves to these Antarctic conditions?

Well the answer is, they saw it on TV. Yes, sporting teams across the globe can be seen hanging out in ice baths, or immersing themselves in freezing cold beaches following training or matches.  Sure, they have multi-million dollar sports scientists implementing these programs. But based on science, is this actually the right thing to do?  Science, if you would!


The theory behind cold water immersion:

Immersing oneself in cold water is said to cause the blood vessels in the limbs to constrict. This is then proposed to pump the metabolites – the crap you accumulate during exercise – away from the limbs, making…

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