Wireless technology and our health- too much of a good thing?

Fierce Girl

In 1990, 12.4 million people in the world had cellphones. Last year, a total of 7.4 billion mobile data connections existed worldwide, according to Cisco, a leader in the mobile data industry. In the United States alone, we have over 190,000 cell phone towers. What are the health consequences of this technology? We have wireless hubs in almost every Starbucks, and most people have some type of wireless devices in their homes. Are the signals that these devices emit dangerous to us? Are cell phones and wireless affecting our health? What can be done to protect ourselves if we are at risk?

The National Cancer Institute, in a fact sheet titled “Cell Phones and Cancer Risk” states there are three main issues that concern us in regards to wireless and cell phone use/exposure: the radiation these devices emit, the increase in use of these devices, and the increase in length…

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