Hugh Evans: 32 and changing philanthropy

We’ve all heard someone saying that Millennials, people born from 1980 to 2000, are lazy and selfish. Hidden behind our computers, we would be a generation of spoiled individualistic kids. Yet, it is a member of Generation Y that is revolutionizing philanthropy.

Although barely 32 years old, Hugh Evans has already received a string of awards honouring his innovative charitable activities: the Young Victorian of the Year (2003), the Young Australian of the Year (2004), the Outstanding Young Persons of the world (2004), and theJunior Chamber International Person of the World (2005). The young Australian, applauded by leading philanthropists like Bill Gates, has successfully turned an inner passion into a great transnational movement.

Hugh Evans has always felt concerned by the issue of poverty. At 12, he participated in the World Vision’s 40-hour Famine. A year later, the boy left his home country to volunteer in the Philippines. In the heart of Manila, he discovered the reality of…

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