Will you support Lyme Education?

Lyme Lives Every Where

2 - 1I have come to realize that Lyme & its co-infections probably invaded my body during 1990 ~26 or more years ago. The anniversary of: my diagnosis is April 2014; finding a Lyme Literate Practitioner is October 2014, and returning to school part time to finish within my school’s deadline is January 2017. When I walk across the stage in 2017 in New Orlean’s obtaining my FNP/DNP in 2017, I will still have have Lyme Disease and be under treatment for years after.

I am sending out a call to all for a helping hand.  My name is Melody, my goal is to improve the treatment of Lyme Disease in Louisiana. During my battle with Lyme, I have been told by multiple medical doctors and specialists that “There is NO such thing as Lyme Disease in Louisiana.” Please help me to change this preception by donating and helping me to further…

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One response to “Will you support Lyme Education?

  1. Thanks for the share and support. Much to my surprise, I was denied a ILADEF TRAINING scholarship because I was not, nor was I pursuing a MD.
    This is the advertisement: The Training Program provides medical and other healthcare practitioners the opportunity to study with Lyme-literate healthcare professionals. Through this experience, participants will develop the skills necessary to properly diagnose and treat Lyme disease. These professionals will be able to return to their community with enhanced skills and the ability to provide superior care to Lyme patients.
    – See more at: http://www.ilads.org/#sthash.WvStttYd.dpuf
    What I am asking is for you to consider supporting me in my quest to become a Lyme Literate Practitioner. My interest in Lyme Disease began with my own mysterious illness. I have suffered for decades since my under graduate RN with mystery ailments; while in my second year of a BSN to FNP/DNP program ‘they’ flared again and required a medical withdrawal from school. After a year, praise God I was able to return part time and will continue PT until; I graduate in 2017! Every dollar counts and is appreciated as the medical expenses and ongoing treatment has wiped us out financially.
    Yours in health promotion, Melody Spragg Eschete

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