Overview of Violence Against LGBTQ People

United Support Network

For emergency support including 24 hour hotlines and links to support organizaitons, click here: LGBTQ Support

Current Source: Victim Assistant Training Online (VAT) via Office for Victims of Crime online;

Many LGBTQ people are still routinely turned away from services, including anti-violence services, because of their sexual orientation. Although the LGBTQ rights movement has been reflected and recognized in pop culture, laws do not always exist to protect LGBTQ people. In areas where laws do exist, they may not be upheld, particularly in areas where homophobia or transphobia is intense.

Discrimination against LGBTQ people is manifested on ideological, institutional, organizational, interpersonal and individual/internalized levels.

Ideological discrimination is the way that cultural beliefs, and ideologies contribute to bias, prejudice, or discrimination based on homophobia, biphobia, transphobia, heterosexism, and heteronormativity, which is the belief that people fall into distinct and complementary genders of male and female. Any oppressive and discriminatory system has at…

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