Surviving Survival–In Which I Talk about PTSD


Dear Lily June,

If it were in my ability to do so, I might shield you from this world in some kind of steel bubble until you had made it through any variety of disaster, catastrophe, trauma, or loss that might truly shake you to your foundation. I’d say if you can make it through the first odd seventy-years of your life, from then on it might be smooth sailing.

In all likelihood, you will indeed live through something you never thought yourself capable of surviving. Some will say, “Whatever doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.” Some opt instead for “All this, too, shall pass.” The truth is, some moments send cracks splintering through you, and they do not leave your memory no matter what you do. Some moments will stalk you like a second shadow; they destabilize your center and wholeheartedly change you. These changes are not always for the worse…

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  1. Thanks for passing this one on, too!

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