Boulder Food Rescue redirects one million pounds of food from landfills to food pantries

Under the Flatirons 2016

The Boulder County Farmers Market, one of the many donors to Boulder Food Rescue The Boulder County Farmers Market is one of Boulder Food Rescue’s many donors.

Boulder Food Rescue—a non-profit organization creating a more just and less wasteful food system—surpassed one million pounds of collected food from local food suppliers this week that otherwise would have been thrown away.

To celebrate their achievement, they will hold a “million pound party” Oct. 24, 2015 at the Canyon Pointe Boulder Housing Partners site. The party will resemble their weekly Lunch Bunch meals—a community meal between Boulder Food Rescue and food recipients—but will aim to bring awareness to the organization.

“We don’t want to be serving people, then leaving,” said Hana Dansky, executive director of Boulder Food Rescue. “We’re here to learn from each other and food is the language in which we can do that.”

Dansky said the organization’s success is because of their adaptability. Unlike Feeding America, an organization which designs for rigidity and uniformity…

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